A few pizza and doughball ideas from Pan’Artisan

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Pizza Tips

  • For added variety, try using different sauces instead of tomato. BBQ sauce goes really well with pulled pork, a creamy Korma sauce works well with chicken and try a cheesy onion sauce topped with roasted vegetables for a different vegetarian option
  • Try using ingredients from different countries as toppings to create a themed pizza menu such as Chinese char sui pork and sweetcorn on BBQ sauce, chicken and shaved coconut on Thai green curry sauce or sliced frankfurters and smoked cheese on tomato sauce
  • Remember less is more; if you use too much sauce, cheese and toppings you will end up with a heavy, wet, greasy pizza
  • For something different that is great for children, try making pizza rolls using a dough ball – Roll out the pizza dough to a large rectangle and spread with sauce and cheese. Roll up the rectangle along its long edge and cut into portions. Seal off each end and bake

Side Order Tips

  • Make garlic and rosemary flat breads from dough balls for a scrumptious starter or side order. Simply stretch out the dough into a round, slash the disc diagonally three times and bake. Brush with garlic oil and sprinkle with freshly chopped rosemary and sea salt before serving!
  • For alternative starters and sides, make pesto or tomato flat breads from dough balls. Simply stretch out the dough into a round, spread the stretched out disc with pesto or thick tomato sauce and bake
  • To make your own folded bread pockets to use as innovative sandwich carriers from dough balls, stretch out the dough and lightly brush with olive oil. Fold into a semi-circle and bake. When cool, open the dough and fill with your choice of sandwich filling

Miscellaneous Tips

  • For a tasty open sandwich carrier, make a flat bread from a dough ball by rolling the dough into a long oval, keeping the sides uneven for a nice, rustic look. Dock with a pastry roller to help it cook evenly, spread with a thick tomato sauce and bake until light and golden. Once cooled, top with sliced meats and cheeses and serve as open, Italian sandwiches
  • Try making sweet flatbreads as desserts or to accompany coffee. Simply roll a dough ball into a long oval/rectangle, keeping the sides uneven for a nice, rustic look. Dock with a pastry roller to help it cook evenly and bake. Once cool, spread with Nuttella and pieces of fresh fruit before serving