Have you been seduced yet?

Everybody who tried them on our stands at Source in Exeter & Expowest in Wadebridge was! Pastel de Natas, rich, luscious Portuguese custard tarts, are this year’s must have addiction.

First created in the 18th century by Catholic monks at the Jerónimos Monastery Belém, in Lisbon & now devotedly handmade in London to the 300-year-old recipe, these feature a star turn of thick, creamy egg custard, sitting comfortably in a cosy armchair of puff pastry.

Fully cooked but best warmed in an oven for a few minutes, these are ideal to serve with a coffee any time of day.

 Pastel de Nata

Here’s a video (in French & Portuguese!) that gives you a bit  of background.You’ll be drooling by the end!