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Joe Delucci’s very superior Italian gelato

We know that here in the Westcountry we produce some seriously good local ice creams but to introduce something really different and special, have you tried genuine Italian gelato?

Anyone who’s been to Italy will remember strolling along in the warm evening air licking a cone of wonderful, creamy, fruity gelato. You can recreate that feeling with Joe Delucci’s range of over  25 delicious flavours produced in Turin (well, the warm air might be pushing it!).  All made with real fresh fruit & a lot less air than a lot of our ice creams and absolutely no artificial colourings or preservatives, it really is a healthy option. All are gluten free and there are dairy free & fat free options as well.

They also produce a range of sorbetti which will complement any restaurant menu: Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin & Green Apple are just a few.

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Check out their funky website for more ideas: