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Hirata Buns

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Sweet, pillowy Hirata buns are popping up on menus all over at the moment – a New York version of Taiwanese street food with a Japanese name!  An Asian street-food staple, these steamed and folded, soft bread buns are usually served warm filled with slow-cooked meat, crunchy salad/pickles and sticky sauce for delicious, tasty bite size snacks.

Braised or roasted fatty pork belly makes a popular filling, though other slow-cooked meats, fried seafood or grilled mushrooms also feature. Lettuce, cucumber or spring onions add crunch. Some use sweet or salt-pickled veggies to add another dimension.  Sweet, spicy chilli sauce adds a little oomph, while a dollop of mayo is good for squelch factor. Other popular sauces include sweet, salty hoisin, tangy mustard and miso.

Serve these with our Gochujang style Korean Pulled Pork for an authentic combination.