Vignola Black Rice Venere

PRICE £4.55   PACK SIZE:  1kg

A naturally black coloured rice from Italy. Whole grain and full of minerals, Venere round grain with its unique aroma is ideal for Italian risotto,  exotic salads, & looks amazing with either fish or white meat as side-dish.

Serving suggestions:

•    Serve as a rice salad with fresh tomatoes, greens, and mozzarella
•    Serve as a side dish with hot or cold prawns, cooked squid, or shrimp
•    Mix with greens peas, grilled fennel and other spring vegetables
•    Gorgeous mixed with white cubes of steamed tofu
•    Use as a bed for steamed or grilled halibut or other fish
•    Use as a side dish for green or yellow curries, gorgeous next to tandoori chicken

notes This product is suitable for vegetarians