Fresh Eric's Cakes & Tarts

Portuguese Cakes & Pastel de Nata

Portuguese custard tarts (Pasteis de Nata) devotedly handmade to a 300-year-old recipe, thick, creamy egg custard in a cosy armchair of puff pastry.  Very on trend. Refresh in hot oven.

Gluten Free


From Cakesmiths. frozen, ready cut traybake


From Cakesmiths. frozen, ready cut


From Cakesmiths. Your favourite cakes in handy precut tray format

Round cakes & tortes

From Cakesmiths

Italian Pastries

filled with creamy fillings. Serve with coffee. Look good in glass jars on counter.

Italian biscuits


Belgian waffles

Individually wrapped


Mini, ready to serve american style pancakes, hot or cold, single serve or to share, eating in or grab and go, just add your topping of choice and away you go.

Bindi Ticco Desserts

Bindi Italian desserts & cakes

Bindi tartufo & cassata

Bindi freezer-to-table sorbets & ice creams

Real fruit skin sorbets

Souffles & Choc Melt

Microwave from frozen

Traditional hot desserts

All the old favourites - large portion size and home-made look - microwave from frozen.

Children’s ‘fun time’ desserts

Coulis & Topping Sauces

Add that special touch to your presentation of desserts with our range of coulis & sauces

Joe Delucci's Gelato

Artisan Italian ice cream made in Turin. Made with the finest ingredients with no added air - just lots of fresh fruit, nuts & chocolate, fresh milk & cream.

Gelati (dairy free)


Joe Delucci’s Ice cream tubs & spoons