Fresh premium pasta

Fresh egg pasta - frozen

Fresh semolina pasta - frozen

Fresh Speciality Pasta

Surgital Filled pasta

Divine Creazioni Range

Surgital Gnocchi

Amichetti Kids Organic Pasta

Dried Italian pasta - ‘Reggia’

Dried Speciality Italian Pasta

Liguori Bronze Die Italian pasta

Made traditionally from 100% Italian durum wheat for 200 years.Bronze dies give the pasta a rough surface which enhances the sauces impregnated with the flavour of the land and colour of our sun.The secret of our pasta-making art lies in the slow-drying process at low temperatures, which allows the pasta to preserve the pale yellow colour, fragrance and flavour of the grain, as well as its cooking properties.

Dried Italian pasta - gluten free

Authenti Artisan Italian Pizza Bases

Pan Artisan crusts

Formally La Pizza. Producers of award winning premium crusts, doughballs & breads. ‘Italian style’ traditional crusts & handmade, light, fluffy textured deep pan crusts containing no artificial preservatives. A 1% salt content makes the crusts ideal for the health conscious restaurant.

Genuine Italian wood fired pizza crusts

Authentic Italian crusts, baked in stone based, wood fired ovens. Irregular, handmade look. Pre-sauced.

Venice Bakery gluten free crusts

Pan Artisan doughballs

Ideal for the authentic ‘handmade’ pizza and to create bread rolls, etc.Handling - defrost on a tray in the fridge for 12 hours. Remove 2 hours before use to allow the yeast to start working. Roll the dough to your preferred crust size, press into a pan, top & bake as usual.Semolina flour is used to prevent sticking. See the Pizza Accessories section for pizza pans & stack racks.

Sour Dough Doughballs

For that traditional Italian flavour. The next level in pizza production

Pizza flour

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Pizza cheeses - frozen

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