Plain flour tortillas/wraps

Serve 6” warm as an accompaniment to fajitas or fill & roll/wrap to create a huge variety of handheld or plated dishes. 8” are ideal for child-size wraps, with 10” & 12” giving a versatile range of options - frozen.

Flavoured Tortilla wraps

Fill with a range of fillings to create colourful healthy hand held rolls - frozen

Wrap Papers

Blanco Niño Soft White Corn Tortillas & Chips

After opening  an award winning Dublin Mexican street food restaurant in 2012, Phillip Martin is working with passionate and sustainability-focused Irish farmers growing non-GM corn to produce these naturally gluten free  new soft white corn tortillas & chips.Just beautiful white corn, lime and water, thats it.Steeped for 16hrs and ground in traditional volcanic stone grinders. Perfect for Flautas, Burritos, Enchilladas & Fajitas.

corn meal products

Catering Tortilla chips

Ready to use with dips or to make nachos.

Taco salad mould




Potato skins/shells

Ideal to fill for starters or main dishes.

Hot sauces & chilli jams

Tinned chillies & tomatillos

Cheese & sour cream

Langage Farm sour cream/crème fraiche – produced fresh in the Westcountry. No artificial thickeners.

Guacamole & avocado fries

A blend of avocado, onion, garlic & spices. Serve as a dip or accompaniment to any Mexican dish. Frozen.



Microwave for burritos or deep fry for chimichangas

Vegetarian Chilli & Mexican Rice

Create your own dishes easily with these tasty fillings. Use in nachos, as wrap fillings or for main meals.

Cajun & chargrill seasonings

Jarritos - Mexican Sodas

Authentic range of real Mexican sodas. 'little jugs' in Spanish, traditional fruit-flavoured aguas frescas were served in clay jugs to keep them cooler longer. With real fruit flavours net price